The Top Gourmet Coffee according to Connoisseurs

Everybody should try gourmet coffee at least once. Here are some delicious options you should consider brewing at home.

Congratulations! You have found this page, which means that you’re ready to take your coffee seriously.

We have curated a list of gourmet options you should consider brewing at home.

 But before you go shopping, remember that coffee is more complex than something like wine where you just have to open the bottle in order to get a good result. 

With coffee, you also have to brew it properly in order to get a truly outstanding outcome.

If you’re not 100 % sure about how to make the most out of your beans, then make sure to check out this introduction to specialty coffee. It will really help you get more value out of your coffee investment.

Coffee Bros, Espresso Roast...Coffee Bros Signature Espresso BlendNew York, USA
Fresh Single-Origin Coffee...Onyx Coffee Lab Roaster, Whole Bean Coffee, Light RoastArkansas, USA
Atlas Coffee Club World of...Atlas Coffee Sampler PackTexas, USA
Klatch Coffee 'WBC World's...Klatch Coffee World's Best EspressoCalifornia, USA
Kaffebox Scandinavian Coffee ClubNorway
Stumptown Coffee Roasters,...Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean CoffeeOregon, USA

The 7 Best Gourmet Coffee

1: Coffee bros signature espresso blend

coffee bros espresso roast medium

Coffee Bros is a roastery run by two brothers in New York. I recently tried their Signature Espresso Blend and was truly impressed.

This crowd-pleasing blend excels as a straight shot or a milk-based beverage. It’s medium-roasted, highlighting the natural sweetness, making it suitable for both seasoned home baristas and espresso newcomers.

Made from 100% Arabica beans and not overly roasted, it offers a cleaner finish than many robusta-containing blends. It has flavor notes strawberry, sugar cane, and vanilla, with the berry notes being the most prominent.

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2: Onyx Coffee Lab Roaster, Whole Bean Coffee, Light Roast

Fresh Single-Origin Coffee...

Onyx Coffee Roasters are by far the most successful gourmet coffee brand in the United States within the last couple of years. Their baristas and roasters are very successful in national competitions.

With this box you can try a little bit of everything. The great thing about this coffee is that it is roasted super fresh, and of course, it is a hundred percent Arabica coffee.

Onyx sources some really fancy coffees, so if you want something “gourmet” this is probably the closest thing.

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3: Atlas Coffee Sampler Pack

Atlas Coffee Club World of...

Atlas Coffee Club’s Coffee World Tour is an easy way to explore the world of coffee. This coffee bundle makes an ideal gift for coffee enthusiasts, containing 8 bags of specialty coffee from 8 different countries. Each 1.8-ounce bag showcases the exceptional quality and unique flavors of its origin.

Atlas Coffee Club’s beans are ethically sourced and sustainable. By paying well above market prices for their coffee, they support passionate farmers and their communities while promoting sustainable farming practices.

Each Coffee World Tour box includes picturesque postcards from each country and tasting note cards for each roast, adding a personal touch to this gourmet coffee experience. Based in Austin, Texas, Atlas Coffee Club artfully roasts each batch to accentuate the flavors unique to the region and delivers the freshest coffee possible.

Check out our full review here.

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4: Klatch Coffee World’s Best Espresso

Klatch Coffee 'WBC World's...

If we’re talking gourmet coffee we have to talk about barista competitions as well.

This particular blend was named “best espresso” at the World Barista Championship in Japan in 2007. Of course, that’s a while ago, but the coffee is still delicious today, according to reviewers on Amazon.

One pleased customer mentioned that the beans are worth their premium price and that they provide him with the most outstanding espresso he’s ever brewed at home.

The roast is meant for espresso and has notes of sweet dark chocolate, orange, and berries. Unless you’re very fussy, you can probably get away with brewing this one as a filter or French press coffee as well.

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5: Kaffebox Scandinavian Coffee Club

KaffeBox, a Norway-based mail-order coffee club, is a genuine gem in the coffee subscription world. Known for its light Nordic roasting style, KaffeBox has won the hearts of coffee connoisseurs across the globe. With over five years in the business, it has become one of the most sought-after subscriptions among serious coffee aficionados.

The secret to KaffeBox’s success lies in its unique approach to featuring exceptional Scandinavian coffee roasters. Each month, subscribers are delighted by carefully curated selections from renowned roasters in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, such as Tim Wendelboe, Morgon, and The Coffee Collective.

It’s important to note that KaffeBox may not be the ideal choice for those who prefer a dark roast. The beans offered in their subscription boxes tend to be extremely light, catering to a more modern and adventurous palate. But if that’s your cup of coffee, then KaffeBox is an exceptional recommendation.

Starting at just $16.5 per bag, including worldwide shipping, KaffeBox offers an accessible and exciting coffee experience for those who crave the top level of Nordic roasting

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6: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters,...

This popular blend of coffee beans consists of Indonesia’s rich textures that are balanced with flavors of Africa and Latin America, giving it complexity and clarity. These coffee beans come in options of every roast from light to dark.  

A user praised the taste of the coffee, saying that despite the fact that it is a piece expensive and took more time to deliver than expected, the outcome was worth the effort and the coffee was smooth and tasty. They added that they would not consume this regularly due to the price, but would indulge in it every now and then to treat themselves. 

Since these coffee beans are freshly roasted and have a limit of 90 days, some reviewers had issues with the staleness caused due to the time it took to deliver the product. 

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