The Best Gourmet Coffee according to Connoisseurs

Everybody should try gourmet coffee at least once. Here are some delicious options you should consider brewing at home.

Here at the Coffee Chronicler, we’d love to test and try every single coffee gadget out there, but the fact is that there is only so much time available every day. 
For that reason, we have turned to the “wisdom of the crowds” for this article and handpicked the highest rated products from Amazon. We have looked at pros and cons from individual reviews, as well as the total rating to present the most accurate advice.

Congratulations! You have found this page, which means that you’re ready to take your coffee seriously.

We have curated a list of gourmet options you should consider brewing at home.

 But before you go shopping, remember that coffee is more complex than something like wine where you just have to open the bottle in order to get a good result. 

With coffee you also have to brew it properly in order to get a truly outstanding outcome.

If you’re not 100 % sure about how to make the most out of your beans, then make sure to check out this introduction to specialty coffee. It will really help you get more value out of your coffee investment.

The 7 Best Gourmet Coffee

1: Onyx Coffee Lab Roaster, Whole Bean Coffee, Light Roast

Onyx Coffee Lab Roaster Coffee...

Onyx Coffee Roasters are by far the most succesful gourmet coffee brand in the United States within the last couple of years. Their baristas and roasters are very succesful in national competitions.

The great thing about this coffee is that it is roasted super fresh, and of course it is hundred percent Arabica coffee.

Users generally only have great things to say about this coffee. While one user said that this was the best coffee they had ever brewed at home, and that it gave them the barista flavor, another said that it was a little pricey, but they still love it.

One reviewer also said that this was the only coffee they could drink black. 

The only negative thing someone had to say about this coffee was that the presentation seemed disappointing, and that it felt more like a free gift giveaway rather than an actual product. Regardless, they didn’t have anything bad to say about the taste of the coffee itself. 

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2: Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Pack

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee...

This gourmet coffee bundle is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. It comes in a pack of 4 assortments of high quality coffee from roasters from Seattle.

Why Seattle you may ask? Well, in case you didn’t know it, Seattle is probably America’s capital when it comes to coffee. Starbucks was founded here, but in fact there’s a bunch of better, and more ‘gourmet’ alternatives in the city.

With this package you have the options to choose between various roasts and whether you want the coffee pre-ground.

According to reviewers the bags are small for the price, however, the flavor is truly gourmet. This makes the box ideal as present, since it might not be the best option for an everyday coffee.

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3: Klatch Coffee World’s Best Espresso

Klatch Coffee 'WBC World's...

If we’re talking gourmet coffee we have to talk about barista competitions as well.

This particular blend was named “best espresso” at the World Barista Championship in Japan in 2007. Of course, that’s a while ago, but the coffee is still delicious today, according to reviewers on Amazon.

One pleased customer mentioned that the beans are worth their premium price, and that they provide him with the best espresso he’s ever brewed at home.

The roast is meant for espresso and has notes of sweet dark chocolate, orange, and berries. Unless, you’re very fussy, you can probably get away with brewing this one as a filter or French press coffee as well.

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4: Stumptown Coffee Roasters Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee

Stumptown Coffee Roasters,...

This popular blend of coffee beans consists of Indonesia’s rich textures that are balanced with flavors of Africa and Latin America, giving it complexity and clarity. These coffee beans come in options of every roast from light to dark.  

A user praised the taste of the coffee, saying that despite the fact that it is a piece expensive and took more time to deliver than expected, the outcome was worth the effort and the coffee was smooth and tasty. They added that they would not consume this regularly due to the price, but would indulge in it every now and then to treat themselves. 

Since these coffee beans are freshly roasted and have a limit of 90 days, some reviewers had issues with the staleness caused due to the time it took to deliver the product. 

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5: Kona Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee, Gourmet Blend Ground Coffee

Kona Hawaiian Gold Kona...

This hundred percent Hawaiian Gold Kona blend is made hundred percent organically to minimize the impact on the environment. The small batch roasting ensures high quality results in each batch produced. 

A reviewer talked about how they’ve gained an image for making the best coffee due to this blend, claiming that even ardent coffee drinkers would rate the Kona coffee they brew higher than the Starbucks variety. 

Those who aren’t big fans of the coffee still claimed that this coffee was worth a try, even though it was a little on the expensive side. 

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6: COLOMBIA JO: Organic Ground Colombian Coffee, Medium Roast

COLOMBIA JO: 12 oz, Organic...

This medium roast coffee is produced with only the top 2% of Arabica raw coffee. The coffee has no flavor added, but the natural flavors give hints of roasted almonds, caramel, and even cane sugar. 

One user claimed that they found this coffee while hunting for a permanent bulletproof coffee that is affordable, organic and made with single beans instead of a blend – and this one was perfect for them. 

A few people criticized the high acidity of the blend, whereas one said that this was more for the people who enjoy McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts’ coffee rather than Starbucks coffee.

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