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Sensitive Stomach? Here are the Best Low Acid Coffee Beans

If you want bold and round flavors from your coffee, combined with a low amount of acid, then there are certain countries and types of blends you should avoid. Get my best tips right here.
Asser Christensen
Asser Christensen
Licensed Q Arabica Grader, M.A. Journalism
Acidity is a tricky element of coffee. Some people crave it, and others do everything they can to avoid it.

This can be due to either flavor preference or because of a sensitive stomach.

Personally, I think a piquant acidity balances a sweet cup coffee, but if that’s not your style I don’t hold any grudges.

In this article, I’ll explain exactly what you should be looking for if you want to find the best low acid coffee beans that still offer flavor.

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If you have a sensitive stomach or some demanding taste buds, this is the blend to go for.

Intelligentsia is a reputable company that only buys the best green coffee available.

Customers on Amazon particularly recommend this non-acidic coffee for its soothing character and bold, pleasing flavors.
Intelligentsia El Diablo - 12...

Is coffee acidic?

Coffee, in general, is an acidic beverage with a Ph level of around 5. However, soda and orange scores around Ph 3, so comparatively it’s not that acidic.

Green coffee beans contain acids from nature’s side. The most desirable ones are citric and malic acids. These compounds make coffee taste like lime and apples as well as a whole range of stone fruits and berries.

But coffee beans also contain something known as chlorogenic acid, which isn’t known to be tasty. It often gives off a flavor and mouthfeel which can be described as ‘unripe banana’. Not pleasant, at all.

When coffee is roasted, all the acids gradually disappear. Then the Maillard reaction and caramelization occurs. In regular cooking, we call this effect ‘browning.’

A good rule of thumb is that coffee becomes sweeter and less acidic the longer you roast it – up to a certain degree, of course.

How to find the best non acidic coffee beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee...

There are actually some robust rules of thumbs you can use when shopping for coffee.

A higher amount of acid (or sourness) is often found in lighter roasts. In that sense, it’s a good idea to go for a darker roast. However, you shouldn’t go for an espresso roast, as the sweetness will be subdued and replaced with some bitterness.

Instead, you should look for what is known as a ‘full city’ roast. This is a roast profile that can be described as ‘the darker spectrum of a medium roast.

Countries with low acid coffee beans

Okay, but now you had enough of my specialty coffee rant, and just want some recommendations for low acid beans? I hear you.

Some countries are also known for producing exactly this kind of flavor profile. This has to do with the altitude the coffee is grown at.

Brazil is an excellent place to look for a coffee that has body and roundness. Again, Brazil usually isn’t one of the favorites among hardcore coffee snobs, but if you’re looking for something clean, sweet and acid free, it’s a good bet.

Indonesia is another country that is often recommended for coffee drinkers who want a different experience. Coffee from this country is one of the least acidic ones – usually it’s earthy and has more body than and mouthfeel compared to African or Central American coffees. Remember, that you also want to make sure that the roast is medium to dark if you’re going to ensure a non-acidic experience.

Pro-tip: Avoid coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Guatemala as it’s almost always light roasted and very fruity.

Counter Culture Big Trouble

Counter Culture Coffee - Big...

This is a seasonal blend, most often sourced from a small cooperative in Nicaragua. It offers low acidity and delicious notes of caramel, nuts, and chocolate. This coffee is very clean, sweet and smooth. It’s been hailed as the perfect morning coffee for French press or drip.

Counter Culture is a well-known and respected coffee roaster. They promise that the coffee is always freshly roasted and that the beans are from a new harvest.

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El Diablo Dark Roast

Intelligentsia El Diablo - 12...

Intelligentsia is one of the founding fathers of the American artisan coffee movement. When buying from this brand you can be sure that the beans are ethically sourced and from reputable farmers.

This particular blend is the company’s most famous dark roast. The notes are of chocolate, caramel, and molasses. Many customers on Amazon recommend this one mainly for the customers with sensitive stomachs, who want something round and balanced.

Pro-tip: Make sure that you pick Intelligentsia as the vendor when you add the beans to your cart. That way you’re guaranteed the freshest roast possible.
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Koffee Kult Dark Roast

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee...

This is probably one of the most popular low acid coffee brands on Amazon with more than 2000 reviews and consistent top ratings.

It’s a dark roast but not entirely French or Italian style, as the beans aren’t oily and shiny. Still, this is fully developed in the roaster, meaning that the body and caramelized sugars are brought to the forefront, while the acidity has been muted.

The flavor notes are hazelnut, cocoa, chocolate. You can brew this pretty much any way you want and still get excellent results. If you want no-nonsense, no acidity coffee, you can’t really go wrong here.

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Stumptown Sumatra

Stumptown Coffee Roasters...

This is a single origin coffee from the Indonesian Island Sumatra. Coffee from this South-East Asian country is known to be full-bodied and low in acidity. It has more unique notes of dark spices and tobacco compared to the blends containing Brazilian coffee. I

If you want to go for low acid, while still getting some exciting coffee experiences, this is a good bet.

Also, Stumptown is known for having excellent quality control, in both sourcing and roasting.

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Go Deeper: Sourness, bitterness and Acidity

As mentioned before, low acid doesn’t always mean tasty. In the world of specialty coffee, acidity is also used to describe the brighter flavors that can be found in expensive, high-altitude coffees.

Real coffee lovers actually distinguish between

  • sourness
  • bitterness
  • acidity

The two first ones are negative traits, while the last one is an essential part of a quality coffee.

A perfect cup, according to true coffee snobs, is one that combines sweetness and acidity.

Think of it as a hamburger. You don’t only want the sweet or umami flavors from the bun and the beef patty – you also crave the acidic and fresh flavors from pickles, tomato, and raw onion. It’s a more complete experience that way. That’s the way coffee geeks approach the cup.

So keep in mind, that your definition of acidity, and that of the professional coffee taster’s, is likely to differ.

The reason that acidity might be undesirable in your cup of morning joe is that the coffee isn’t sweet in the first place, or because it’s actually sourness.

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