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The 7 Best Hazelnut Coffees

If you are looking for the hazelnut coffee to go along with your daily breakfast, then look no further. Click here to check out our compilation of the 7 best hazelnut coffees out there.

Here at the Coffee Chronicler, we’d love to test and try every single coffee gadget out there, but the fact is that there is only so much time available every day. 
For that reason, we have turned to the “wisdom of the crowds” for this article and handpicked the highest rated products from Amazon. We have looked at pros and cons from individual reviews, as well as the total rating to present the most accurate advice.

Hazelnut is actually a fairly typical flavor note to find in coffees that are grown at low to medium altitudes.

Some are more that bitter type of hazelnut, while other almost go into straight up Nutella. It can be absolutely delicious.

However, these types of coffee do require a little bit of the user: You need to have your basic brewing technique down as well as a decent grinder and moderately soft water in order to experience those types of flavor notes.

If that’s too much work for you, you can also try some flavored coffees instead. We have found some of the most popular options on Amazon for you.

1: AmazonFresh Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

AmazonFresh Hazelnut Flavored...

This AmazonFresh Hazelnut Artificially Flavored medium roast ground coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans. It is packed immediately after being roasted to preserve all the freshness and fragrance. The toasty hazelnut flavor serves comfort with every cup. 

One user reviewed that this is the best tasting coffee they’ve found on Amazon. They said that they don’t particularly like coffee, and only used it to wake themselves up in the morning, and have tried a bunch of products to find something that suits their palate. They found this one as suprisingly great, and something they really appreciate drinking each day compared to other coffees which they generally find bitter; including other hazelnut coffee brands. 

Another user had shared their view of this being the best hazelnut coffee they’ve had. They added that this isn’t a sweet tasting coffee. Instead, it is the perfect blend of medium roast with hazelnut background. They also said that it is smooth and perfect for people who are looking for coffee which is not filled with fake syrup to taste like hazelnut. 

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2: Victor Allen’s Coffee Hazelnut Coffee Pods

Victor Allen's Coffee Hazelnut...

If you want hazelnut coffee that comes in pods to go along with your Keurig or other coffee makers, then this is a solid bet. This medium roast coffee is made with Arabica beans, and is also gluten free and certified kosher. It is delicious, full of flavor, and takes very little time to prepare. 

One user on Amazon said that it actually tastes like real hazelnut. They said that they love this coffee and the sensible cost is additionally an incredible factor. They also added that this coffee is slightly mellow, so if you want a strong coffee, this may not be for you. 

Other people agreed with this, as one user said that it was a great medium body coffee. They said that it was perfect according to their taste. And if they wanted a stronger cup, they could always use a smaller serving size. 

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3: Melitta Hazelnut Crème Flavored Medium Roast

Melitta Hazelnut Crème...

This hazelnut coffee by Melitta has a buttery rich flavor of wild hazelnuts with a sweet creamy finish. It is blended with beans from the world’s best coffee producing regions. It is grinded extra fine to release the best flavors in every cup. 

One user said that they were a coffee snob, and like to use nothing but fresh ground roast beans. But since they met with an accident, they have tried to make things easier for their caregivers. They said that this coffee is the only one that comes close to the taste that they demand, and is also pretty reasonable and easily available for purchase. They added that you should use a lot less of this ground coffee as compared to other brands to get the best taste. 

Another user added that this has been their primary coffee for a few years. They said that they love smooth, rich and flavorful coffee that is not bitter and affordable for the middle income family, and this coffee fits the bill perfectly. 

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4: Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut Decaf

Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut...

Like to enjoy the taste of hazelnut coffee without having to stay awake for hours afterwards? Well look no further. These decaf hazelnut coffee pods by Green Mountain are perfect for your needs. It is a light roast coffee that has a buttery sweet flavor of roasted nuts. 

One user said that this coffee is a lovely after-dinner treat or night-cap. They added that the coffee isn’t that strong, but is very flavorful which makes it prefect for evenings. They also added that they’ve had guests who continue asking for this coffee whenever they visit. 

Some user had issues with the strength of the coffee, saying that it tasted very weak. Concluding that this isn’t for people looking for decaf coffee that still tastes strong. 

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5: Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut Ground Coffee

When it comes to restaurant-style coffee that you can make at home, Dunkin Donuts has some solid optinos. It is much more affordable than buying an actual Dunkin Donut coffee on a daily basis, and gives you very similar results.

One user said that this coffee is so good, it makes their day 10 times better. While another client added that this is the best espresso they have found and is additionally reasonably priced. One user said that it had a very rich and strong aroma. They added that the body was not as strong as they would have liked, but it is still great coffee compared to most others. 

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Although some people didn’t like the flavor that much, and said that it has no taste and is just a strong coffee, those people were far and few compared to the ones who loved it. 

6: Archer Farms Hazelnut Toasted Organic Ground Coffee

Archer Farms Hazelnut...

If you are looking for a 100% organic coffee, then the Archers Farms naturally toasted coffee is the one for you. It is a light roast, and made of Arabica beans. It has all-natural toasted hazelnut notes that deliver a deliciously smooth coffee experience.

One user said that their daughter found hazelnut coffee one Christmas and loved it, but also found out that it was artificially flavored and turns out their daughter was allergic to it. So they looked up and found this coffee, and their daughter ended up loving it. 

Other people had similar reviews, saying that it is perfect for people looking for naturally flavored coffee. One user added that they prefer stronger coffees, and this is one of the stronger ones they’ve found when it comes to hazelnut coffee. 

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7: Rapid Fire Hazelnut Ketogenic Coffee

Rapidfire Ketogenic Fair Trade...

Another organic coffee that also suits your ketogenic needs. This Green Mountain coffee is made with organic grass fed butter, MCTs from coconut oil, and a touch of Himalayan salt for a satisfying, nutritious, fat-burning, and low-carb coffee with robust flavor. And the best part: it is 100% Keto.

Most Ketogenic users seemed to like this coffee and said that although this isn’t the best coffee they have had, it works well with their dietary needs.  

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