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Here’s the new Coffee Brewing World Champion

The new Brewers Cup champion Emi Fukahori used a very rare type of coffee bean to take home the trophy.
Asser Christensen
Asser Christensen
Licensed Q Arabica Grader, M.A. Journalism

Congratulations to Emi Fukahori from Switzerland. From today she can call herself the best coffee brewer in the world.

During the last week, some of the most skilled baristas in the world have been competing at the World Brewers Cup in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Emi Fukahori who runs the coffee shop MAME in Zürich, Switzerland won the trophy ahead of Regine Wai Yee Beng from Malaysia and Stathis Koremtas from Greece.

Having only competed once before on the international stage, placing number 36 in Seattle 2015, Eri wasn’t the bookmaker’s favorite. Her performance, however, didn’t show any lack of experience. She was calm and collected all the way through her presentation.

Emi used an exceedingly rare type of coffee called Bourbon Pointu or Laurina, which is a natural mutation of the common Bourbon varietal.

I have personally tried this small and elongated bean only once, and it’s definitely one of a kind. It holds only half the caffeine content of normal coffee, which makes it less bitter.

The beans that Emi used at the competition came from the legendary Brazilian coffee estate Daterra located in the Cerrado-region,

The processing was highly unusual as well. It was a special semi-carbonic maceration which is a technique originating in the wine industry, slowly becoming more popular with the avant-garde of specialty coffee.

After a decade with many winners using washed or natural Geisha, it’s interesting to see new varieties and processing metods doing well.

New dripper making a splash

While most of the past winners at the World Brewers Cup have used a Hario V60, the Swiss barista champ opted for a special device called the Gina from the innovative coffee company GOAT.

Essentially, it works like a Clever Coffee Dripper, except it looks a lot fancier and integrates a scale as well as digital control.

This device allowed her to brew her chosen coffee with a mixture of immersion and percolation. Interestingly, she switched between different water temperatures to ‘create more layers’ in the coffee.

The Recipe

  • 17 grams of coffee to 220 grams of water (100 ppm)
  • First pour 50 grams of 176°F (80ºC) degrees water. Set the dripper to full immersion and wait for 40 seconds.
  • Second pour: 100 grams 203°F (95ºC) degrees water. Change the brewer to drip setting. Wait for one minute.
  • Third pour: 70 grams of water at 176°F (80ºC) degrees.
  • Stop extraction at 2.55 to ensure clean finish. 

According to Eri the brew should have medium acidity and flavor notes of red grape, pineapple, rum, and green apple.

She finished her presentation with a quote worth remembering:

When we discover something tasty and delicious we all want to share it. I keep discovering and sharing. That’s my great motivation in coffee.


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