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seven tampers on wooden table with white background

The Top Tamper for Home-Baristas?

The tampers that come with budget machines are often flimsy and less than ideal. Here are some of my favorites.

espresso tools and accessories on a table with a white background

The 16 top Espresso Machine Accessories

It’s a jungle when it comes to espresso machine accessories and gadgets. Here are some of my favorites.

the aeropress can be used as a plunger

The Ideal Travel Coffee kit?

Brewing coffee on the road is an art form. Here are my top picks, when it comes to tools and accessories.

My Opinion: The Ideal Way to Make Coffee at Home

Different coffee brewing methods ranked and rated. Plus, an explanation of why you shouldn’t make espresso at home.

puck screens featured image

What is a Puck Screen? And Should You Use one?

Unlock the secret to better espresso shots and cleaner groupheads with this popular little gadget.

3 illy cans on table

Illy Coffee Review: An Icon Revisited

Delving into the taste and quality of three celebrated Illy blends to see if they truly deserve their acclaim.

The Grind Size Chart

If you’re confused about how to grind for coffee, and what grind settings goes with which brew method, then this post is for you.

aeropress xl minimalist background

AeroPress XL Review: Is bigger better?

Exploring the AeroPress XL: More than meets the eye or just a tall tale?

noma restaurant

A Culinary Coffee Shift: Behind Noma’s Deconstructed Americano

Step aside, Americano! Restaurant Noma’s ‘Nomaricano’ is the ultimate post-dinner fruit bomb.

French Press on clean minimalist table

How to Make French Press: A technique for Supertasters

The French press is a classical coffee maker, but that doesn’t make it easy to brew. Here are some of my top tips for obtaining heavenly steeped coffee.

vintage coffee professor

It’s time to retire the “Golden Cup” standard

Modern coffee doesn’t need to rely on fuzzy science from the 1950’s. Here’s why the brew control chart needs an update.

zero bypass brewers kono mugen tricolate next to each other

Zero Bypass Brewing Explained

Zero bypass brewers are a new type of coffee brewing gadget. But is the trend here to stay?

Demystifying Coffee Dosing: Here’s What You Need to Know

Dosing coffee can be both simple or complex depending on your brewing method and needs.

kruve propel with espresso featured image

Crema Explained: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Is crema good or bad? How do you get more or less of it? In this article, we dive into the science of crema.

3 aeropress featured image

Coming Soon: AeroPress Unveils Highly Anticipated XL and Premium models

A new lineup of AeroPresses is on the horizon.

final ssp featured image brew burr

Why Are Coffee Geeks Raving About SSP Burrs?

Sung Sim Precision, more commonly known as SSP, has taken the coffee world with storm. But what’s the secret?

coffee in a lab sample container

How to Freeze Coffee Beans

Freezing coffee beans has become fashionable again. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about frozen coffee.

barista using acaia scale

Should You Get an Acaia Scale? A Coffee Shop Owner’s Perspective

Acaia has become the gold standard of coffee scales. We asked a coffee shop owner, whether they are worth the hefty investment.

Low Caffeine Coffee is Decaf’s Hip New Cousin

Decaf coffee has existed for over 100 years, but recently a new type of bean has emerged as a promising alternative. Enter: Low caffeine coffee.

gaggia classic with bottomless portafilter

Should You Really get a Bottomless Portafilter?

A naked portafilter is more than just a fad. Find out, why it’s a great tool for home-baristas.

Cascara Tea is Just the Beginning: The Byproducts Are Coming

Cascara is finally legal in the EU. We take a closer look at the cherry skin, which has potential to be much more than just a tea.

acaia pearl digital scale

5 Reasons Your Pour Over is Stalling

Stalling pour overs is probably the most frustrating thing when it comes to manual brewing. This is a problem that most manual brewers will encounter sooner or later.

wdt tools next to each other on marble table

WDT tools: Everything you Need to Know

WDT started out as coffee forum advice but eventually became part of standard espresso brewing.

espresso being tamped

My Best Tips: How to Make Espresso at Home

Espresso is not easy – it’s part craft and part art. But with the right approach, you should be able to make a decent one at home.

coffeefarm drying cherries

How to Visit a Coffee Plantation: My Tips for an Epic Farm Tour

You should visit a coffee farm. If you’re a true coffee lover, there’s nothing like seeing the cherry up-close for the first time.

kalita brewed at the right temperature for coffee

Adjusting Technique: The Secret to Brewing Tasty Light & Medium Roast Coffees

This article will explain the differences between light and medium roasts, how they are brewed differently and what’s unique about each one of them.

How Long Is Brewed Coffee Good For?

Stale or fresh? Can you really drink that cold coffee on the counter? Here’s the full explanation.

Everything You Should Know About Water for Coffee

The right kind of water can dramatically improve your coffee. Here you’ll learn how to create it at home or which bottled brand to go for.

Holding egg for egg coffee

Scandinavian Egg Coffee: Is it Really a Thing?

Scandinavian egg coffee is more or less unknown in Sweden, Norway & Denmark. But what is it? And why do people talk about it?

Where Does Starbucks Really Get Their Coffee From?

They sell an awful lot of coffee. But where do they get all those beans from? We take a closer look.

Bliss in a Box: The Best Coffee Subscriptions of 2023

A coffee subscription is a cool and convenient way to get caffeinated. Here are some of the best coffee boxes from Europe and the US.

Liberica Coffee Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Liberica is almost never seen in the so-called serious coffee shops. But the forgotten coffee species has a massive potential.

How To Clean a Burr Coffee Grinder

How often should you clean your coffee grinder? And how should you do it? Here’s some advice.

kalita brewed at the right temperature for coffee

What is the Best Temperature for Brewing Coffee?

Coffee water temperature is both simple and complex at the same time. Here’s what you need to know.

Full City & Other Roast Types Explained

What’s behind the weird sounding names? And how do you get the right roast for your brewing method of choice? Find out here.

How Espresso Machines Work: A Look at Technology & History

Espresso changed coffee for good. This is the history of how the technology evolved.

espresso shot from arabica

The Optimal Espresso Brewing Temperature

Temperature is an important variable if you want to master espresso. Here are a few heuristics that will give you consistent shots.

normcore tamper

What Is Tamping And Why Is It Necessary?

Tamping shouldn’t be that complex. We will share with you every detail that you need to know about it in this article.

hario woodneck nel drip up close

How to Brew Nel Drip Coffee with the Hario Woodneck

Should you try nel drip coffee? Or is it just another weird coffee fad. Here’s my verdict.

Shade-Grown Coffee Could Change the World

Shade-grown coffee is better for both humans, animals, and farmers. So why isn’t it the norm?

aeropress and espresso portafilter

How to make Espresso with the AeroPress

It’s impossible to reach 9 bars with the AeroPress, but you can still make some interesting espresso-like shots with the device.

AeroPress Iced Coffee: 3 Cool Methods

The AeroPress is extremely versatile. Here are some excellent ways to use it for ice coffee and cold brew.

aeropress big batch

The Ultimate AeroPress Recipe? Here Are 5 of My Favorites

There are so many ways to brew an AeroPress. Here are five essential recipes you should try.

Kalita pour over and Aeropress

AeroPress vs Pour Over: Which One Should You Get?

Two brewing favorites will face off in a no-holds-barred match. Which method is better: AeroPress or pour over?

blue mountains of jamaica

Jamaica Blue Mountain: Scam Coffee or Legit?

The Blue Mountains of Jamaica have an almost mythical reputation when it comes to coffee. But is it based on merit or myth?

macchiato in a small cup

Cappuccino vs Latte: The Ultimate Guide to Milk-Based Concoctions

You don’t have to live in despair anymore. Here’s my down-to-earth guide to all milk-based coffees in the solar system.

home roasting coffee

Coffee Freshness: Don’t Believe the Myths

When is a coffee ‘fresh’? And how can we extend the shelf life of coffee to enjoy the freshness at home? Here’s the best practice.

yes plz coffee with kalita wave

Yes Plz: Is Tonx’ New Coffee Club Worth Trying?

Tonx’ previous coffee business was bought by Blue Bottle. Now he’s back with a fiercely indie coffee club.

caffea canephora

Robusta Coffee Is Better Than You Think

Robusta coffee is the misunderstood villain in the world of coffee. But now it’s time to embrace diversity, and give the plant a fair chance.

cup of espresso

How to Fix Sour Espresso

Sour espresso is the anti-thesis of good coffee. Luckily, you can avoid it if you know these small hacks.

turbo shot espresso

Allongé vs Lungo vs Turbo Shot? Modern Espresso Explained

Espresso is getting more and more sophisticated. Here are some of the new inventions that coffee geeks are playing with at home.