Here at The Coffee Chronicler, we buy a large majority of the products that we review. 

However, occassionally, we accept products that are submitted for a review.

It’s important for us that we treat product samples as objectively as possible. For that reason we have established the editorial policy below. 

If you want us to review a product, then please contact us with a short pitch via the form.

Before you contact us, please read and review the editorial policy for product samples below: 

  • Sending a sample for a product review does not guarantee editorial coverage by The Coffee Chronicler. If we don’t think a given product is interesting for our audience we won’t cover it. 
  • We don’t offer you the option to see the review before it’s published. 
  • You can’t influence the nature and format of the review: Whether the review will take the form of blog post, video or social media content is up to us to decide. 
  • The review process and the metrics under which the review will be carried out is solely up to the reviewer.
  • There will be no discussion of the review. Neither before or after the publication. 
  • The product sample will not be returned after evaluation.