Baratza Sette 270 Burr Grinder Review

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This is the modern espresso grinder: It’s compact, lightning fast, and the grounds are fluffy.

If it wasn’t for a problematic history, it would be a no-brainer to recommend the Sette 270 to everyone who is looking for an affordable, high-performing single dose grinder.

However, this model has had its share of issues in the past. This is something you should keep in mind, if you’re not located in North America, where you can rely on Baratza’s warranty.

Baratza is one of the biggest players in the grinding industry. In fact, this company only produces grinders.

That should tell you something about their level of dedication.

While the rest of the coffee world has evolved a lot the last 25 years, espresso grinders, have more or less stayed the same.

Sure, new brands have entered the market and small new ‘features‘ have been added, but the underlying technology has pretty much remained the same for ages.

The Baratza Sette is so significant because it attempts to change some of the fundamentals of grinding. It attempts to turn grinding upside-down (literally) and in doing so it’s already ahead of most other grinders out there.

Difference between standard & Wi?

The original Sette 270 is pretty much the same grinder as the more expensive big brother; the Sette 270Wi.

  • If you like single dosing (aka not having a full hopper of beans), then the Sette 270 is for you. You will have to measure the beans BEFORE grinding. Of course, you can also fill the hopper and use the time-based dosing system.
  • If you prefer dosing via weight, then the 270Wi is ideal, since it does this for you automatically. And it’s extremely precise.

The Wi is intelligent (hence the ‘i’) It will gradually get more precise every time you run a particular bean through it. The first time the scale might be 0,3 grams off, but second or third time, there’s a good chance that you’ll have the perfect dose in your portafilter.

Other than that the two grinders are almost identical aside from a few visual things.

  • The RPM on the motor of the Wi is a bit lower. This makes it a little bit less noisy, and it should also help the lifespan of the grinder.


Baratza has paid a lot of attention to how this thing was designed.

Sette means ‘seven’ in Italian, and that’s how this grinder is shaped when you look at it from the side.

Compared to a normal grinder, the two burrs are switched around on this one, meaning that the upper burr is motorized, while the lower one is static. This has never been done before on a home burr grinder and is quite revolutionary.

It also means three things:

  • Speed: The Sette is faster than most grinders out there.
  • Fluffy grinds: There is no chute – the grinds fall directly from the burrs and into your bin or portafilter. This gives you a beautiful, fluffy grind that is easier to distribute and tamp in the portafilter.
  • Zero retention: You don’t get any stale grounds from previous cycles like you do with most other grinders. you don’t have to waste coffee by purging old grounds.


The Sette has been on the market for a few years now. While it did have quite a few problems in the beginning, it seems that Baratza has managed most of them by now.

The Sette design was revolutionary when it came out. For that reason, it’s not that shocking that there were some initial problems.

Today the Sette is as reliable as most other entry-level espresso grinders. However, it worth pointing out that it’s not made from plastic and not a more premium material

If you want a grinder that can last you a lifetime, you should probably consider one of the more expensive Italian brands instead.

The good thing about Baratza is that they are known for offering stellar support, should you face any problems. They will help you via phone, send replacement parts, or even send a new device, if necessary. If you’re located in the US, that’s reassuring.

However, if you’re in other parts of the world, where shipping fees and import regulations make things more complicated, it might make more sense to look for a grinder with a better history when it comes to durability.

a few things we like:

– As fast as large commercial grinders due to new upside-down burr design.
– Less waste and residuals grinds and fines due to a minimalist design. A true zero retention grinder.
– Looks amazing, and has a small footprint on the countertop.


The Sette 270 and 270 Wi have vertically placed conical burrs.

In short, the 40mm conical burns allow for precise grinding whether you want to have an extremely fine Turkish coffee or espresso.

The Sette models are often praised for their incredibly fluffy grinds. When making espresso, it’s essential not to have clumps in your grinds.

All models in the Sette-line do grind rather fine, and as such don’t do well when it comes to something like French press or pour over. Even the Sette 30, which has been marketed as a ‘jack of all trades’ grinder, doesn’t perform well at the more coarse spectrum of things.

If you wish to grind directly into your portafilter, supplied grounds bin, or other brewing devices, have convertible device holders.

For less cleanup, the grounds bin is made from antistatic plastic and has a spout for easy pouring into your favorite brewing device.


The Baratza 270 can grind coffee at an impressive 3.5g to 5.5g/sec, which makes it a speed beast.

It’s faster than even the best espresso grinders out there.

Please note, that this crazy speed also makes it a very loud grinder. It will definitely wake up any light sleepers in your home.


We can’t deny that there’s been some controversy with the Sette-series in the past. Motors suddenly breaking down, gears not lasting long, and inaccurate scales. By now, Baratza has managed to overcome most (if not all) of these issues.

With the upgraded Wi-model, Baratza has even changed the RPM of the motor slightly to ensure longevity.

At the same time the scale in the ‘Wi’ is now delivered by the digitial scale legends from Acaia. This also means that the scale is now intelligent.

Baratza has also worked to develop a new set of softer feet that do a better job of reducing vibration and improving accuracy with the scale. 


The Sette is very loud. If you’re sensitive to noise, don’t get this grinder.

The weight mechanism was a common problem among those who used the previous 270W, but this is fixed witht the Wi-update.

Of course, there’s also the tumultous past with many users facing issues and sudden break-downs. If you live in the US where service or replacement is fast and easy, you shouldn’t worry too much about this, but in other parts of the world this becomes a bigger concern.

Are there any alternatives?

Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr...

Baratza Sette 30

This is the cheaper, scaled-down version of the same grinder.

This new model in the Sette-line up is actually a bargain at only half the price of the original.

Most of the design is identical to the original. With this model, however, you don’t get a built-in weight, and you have fewer options when it comes to dialing in – hence the ’30’ name; you only have that many settings.

It aims to be a no-frills espresso and pour over-grinder, but at best it’s mediocre at both disciplines.

Skip this one, and go for the grown-up version if you can afford it.

Eureka Mignon Specialita

This is my favorite espresso grinder for home use, and it has gotten quite popular among coffee geeks within the last couple of years.

Even though it’s an espresso grinder like the Sette, it’s different in so many ways. Unlike its the Sette, it has flat burrs, and is extremely quiet.

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is also famous for its quality construction and sturdy yet sophisticated design.

In many ways, it’s a logical step-up from Baratza’s Sette-line. However, it is a bit slower and some people will prefer the flavors produced by conical burrs, rather than the flat ones inside this particular model. But overall, it’s worth considering if you have some extra room in your budget.

The final verdict

The Baratza Sette is one of the few big innovations on the grinder market for years. After a rough start, it appears as though the company has dealt with any issues in regards to the weight dosing and durability.

The Sette 270 models have so many benefits over the more traditional grinders out there; such as lightning-quick grinding speed, great fluffy grinds, and a compact and attractive design.

It’s very difficult to find a better espresso grinder at this particular price point, and that’s why it’s so popular.

If you’re looking for a grinder that is better suited for pour over, then check out the Baratza Encore or Virtuoso instead.

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