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11 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

With one of these cool gadgets, you’re guaranteed to make that particular coffee snob in your life a very happy man or woman.
Asser Christensen
Asser Christensen
Licensed Q Arabica Grader, M.A. Journalism

Coffee lovers can be hard to buy gifts for. Not only are they often picky and particular regarding their gadgets, but they also tend to have hoarded much stuff over the years.

Still, if you get it right and find the perfect coffee present, you will be paid back in caffeinated affection for years, so it’s worth the effort. Especially, if that particular person in your life happens to be a bit of a coffee snob.

A little bit of research and shopping will pay dividends regarding delicious coffee every morning.

I have done the research and looked at a bunch of weird gadgets, and here’s my list of the most exciting gift ideas for coffee lovers.

The Travel dripper

Tetra Portable Coffee Drip,...

Many coffee lovers cannot stand the thought of traveling and be forced to drink horrible hotel coffee. These people tend to bring their gear on the road. There’s just one problem: Most pour over drippers tend to be bulky.

With this collapsible dripper, you don’t have to worry about luggage space or weight limits. It folds up and takes up less space than a CD. This model is pretty hand since it uses both Melitta and Hario style filter.

Hand grinder

Manual Burr Coffee Grinder...

Every coffee snob needs a hand grinder. There’s just something about crushing the beans with your bare fists.

This brand is one of my current favorites, as the design is stunning and the price is right. Sure you can buy cheaper hand grinders, but they are a lot less smooth and consistent than this one.

A home Roaster

Nesco CR-1010-PR Coffee Bean...

Roasting coffee at home is a serious hobby that requires some time and effort. However, if the coffee snob in your life is also an amateur chef, I’d say there’s a good chance he’ll enjoy the roasting ritual.

Roasting at home ensures that you always have fresh, delicious coffee! It’s also a lot cheaper than buying from the coffee shops. At least half price, so that’s another incentive.

The Aeropress doesn’t need an introduction at this point in history. However, in case you just woke up from a ten year come, let me tell you that this little brewing device has many fans out there. That isn’t strange at all since it’s a damn cheap and versatile gadget. Read my great Aeropress guide in case you want to know more.

The Coffee Atlas

The World Atlas of Coffee:...

Some coffee snobs are more literary than others. Usually, you can spot them on their big designer frame glasses and humanities degrees. If that sounds like somebody you know, you can’t go wrong with a good coffee book. But don’t just get a generic one, get one that looks good on the reclaimed wood counter written by an industry legend such as James Hoffmann.

Rattleware cupping brewer

Rattleware Cupping Brewer

I’ll almost guarantee that even your most obsessive coffee friend doesn’t have this gadget yet. It’s kind of like a French press but not quite. The idea with the cupping brewer is that you want to emulate a real ‘cupping session’ on a larger scale. So instead of plunging with a metal filter, you lock all the grounds into a chamber with the rubber gasket. Have to say it’s pretty damn inventive.

Kettle with gooseneck

Electric Gooseneck Variable...

A gooseneck kettle is one of those things that can seem like it’s not necessary. However, it is. It makes life SO much more comfortable when brewing pour over.

I find these kinds of objects always make great gifts because people don’t want to fork out the money, yet when they have it in their possession, they realize its utility.

TDS meter

Xiaomi TDS Meter Professional...

This gift will definitely surprise and thrill your coffee loving family and friends. It’s super cheap but also super useful. You can use it to measure the total dissolved solids of the water you’re applying for coffee brewing, and in that way, you can achieve consistent results and avoid hard water.

Hard water is terrible news if you want to be able to taste all the flavor compounds, so by getting a TDS meter, you’re doing yourself a huge favor!

Delicious coffee

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee...

Of course, it goes without saying that all coffee snobs love to receive great tasting coffee as a gift. The problem is just that one or two bags of sustainable coffee doesn’t seem like much of a present, and if you buy more, it risks going stale before you drink it. The solution? A coffee subscription. Every month one or two bags get sent to you. It’s like it’s Christmas every month with a service like that.

A beautiful cup

Acme Evo Tulip 2.8oz Espresso...

One of the things that are always taken for granted is the coffee cup. Sure, everybody’s got a few stained mugs at home he or she can use for coffee. However, if you’re serious about this magical bean called Coffea arabica, it deserves to be consumed in a stylish vessel that feels good in the hand. In other words, get a beautiful cup!

The Clever Coffee Dripper

New Clever Coffee Dripper

I personally love the Clever Coffee Dripper. It’s straightforward to use. All you need is just some good beans and classic, bleached coffee filters and you’re good to go.

Even though it looks like a pretty low tech device, you can experiment quite a bit with different parameters such as steep time and blooming.

This coffee brewing contraption should have a place in all serious gadget collections.

Coffee Gifts: Conclusion

Coffee snobs aren’t that easy to shop for, but with the list above I’m incredibly confident that you’ll be able to find something that ticks the right boxes.

Remember, that the best gifts usually are the ones that seem a bit too indulgent to buy for yourself. However, getting them wrapped up as presents somehow remove the guilt generally associated with purchasing something. Good luck!

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