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outin nano in coffee chronicler studio on table with espresso shot next to it

Review: My Thoughts on the Outin Nano Espresso Maker

The Outin Nano may look like a thermos, but the coffee it produces is close to a real espresso machine.

timemore S3 featured image

Timemore Chestnut S3 Review: The Premium Mid-Ranger

Timemore’s new hand grinder is a coarse force to be reckoned with, but a fine grind remains elusive.

Leverpresso V4 espresso maker with background of nature and river

Leverpresso V4 Review: A Flexible Travel Espresso Maker

The Leverpresso is back with the fourth – and best version – of the compact lever espresso maker.

Df83V on table in Coffee Chronicler studio

DF83V Review: Why it has Become my Daily Driver

Having used the DF83V daily for several months now, I’m finally ready to my verdict.

bialetti moka express featured image

Is the Bialetti Moka Express Still Worth it in 2024?

It’s time to take an honest look at the legendary Moka pot from Bialetti. Is it still worth it in this modern era?

Featured image Breville Express

The All-in-One Solution: Breville Barista Express Review

The Breville Barista Express is a solid all-in-one espresso machine. But… we need to talk about the grinder and steam power.

mhw-3 sniper grinder on a table with white background

Review: The MHW-3BOMBER Sniper Grinder

The Sniper grinder impresses with versatility and nice design touches.

timemore b75 next to the box

The Timemore B75 Dripper: A New Essential Brewer?

Timemore’s small flat-bottom brewer is fast and furious. And it has a few cool tricks up its sleeve.

df54 on table in coffee chronicler studio - bokeh background

DF54 Review: When Less is More

The DF-family keeps expanding. But is there room for 54 mm flat burrs in today’s competitive market?

4 1zpresso grinders next to each other on white background

The Best 1Zpresso Grinder for You? Here’s the Big Overview

1Zpresso’s line-up is so vast that many people find it overwhelming. Here’s a simple overview to avoid confusion.

delonghi stilosa EC230.BK placed on table

DeLonghi Stilosa Review: Plastic Fantastic?

Despite its simple design, the Delonghi Stilosa is a bit of a gem among budget espresso makers, offering robust performance.

picopresso featured image

Wacaco Picopresso is a Tiny, Big Surprise

Can you make great espresso with a gadget that is smaller than a smart phone? Apparently.

Comandante next to timemore and 1zpresso

Comandante C40 review: Still Worth it in 2024?

It’s one of the most famous manual grinders, but is it starting to feel a bit dated?

Miicoffee apex espresso maker on a table, bokeh background

Review: MiiCoffee Apex is Looking to Upset the Espresso Ecosystem

The new Apex espresso maker follows a playbook we have seen from the disruptive DF-grinders.

3 illy cans on table

Illy Coffee Review: An Icon Revisited

Delving into the taste and quality of three celebrated Illy blends to see if they truly deserve their acclaim.

1zpresso jx on the left and jx pro on the right

1Zpresso J & Jx Pro: Still Worth it in 2024?

The two new grinders in the Jx-series from 1Zpresso are some of the best manual grinders you can get today. But which one of them should you pick?

df64 gen2 on table

DF64 Gen 2 Review: Second Round, First in Class

The DF64 returns with an all-new Gen 2 update. Does it address the numerous flaws of its predecessor?

flair neo flex on a table with its box in the background

Flair Neo Flex Review: Solid Espresso on a Minimal Budget

It has never been cheaper to become a Flair owner. But how good is the “new” Neo?

DF64V Review: V for Victory?

The DF64V is practically a different grinder, and it addresses most of the glaring issues that plagued the original

moccamaster drip coffee and nordic roasters

The Moccamaster: A Coffee Snob’s Review

The Moccamaster is one of the most iconic coffee appliances. It’s an old model, but does it still have what it takes?

Fellow Ode from the side

An Ode to Grinding Coarse? My Fellow Ode Review

The Ode grinder from Fellow Products is a mighty fine grinder that has problems when it comes to grinding fine.

sculptor body

Timemore Sculptor 064s Review: Worth the Hype?

Timemore Sculptor 064s is one of the most anticipated grinder releases in 2023. Is it worth the wait?

nanofoamer cortado

Microfoam for the Masses: Reviewing the Nanofoamer

The Nanofoamer aims to create micro-foam suitable for latte art by introducing a brand new technology. Does it succeed?

4 different kind of AeroPress Filters next to each other

AeroPress Filter Comparison: Metal, Paper or Prismo?

The AeroPress can morph into a completely different device if you use other types of filters.


Review: Breville Bambino Plus

It looks innocent and simple, but is actually both advanced and forthcoming at the same time. An ideal espresso machine for beginners.

Hario Switch Review: The Hybrid Brewer You Need to Try

The Hario Switch is like a Hario V60 on steroids. Find out, why you should add to your brew station.

melitta aromaboy featured image

Melitta Aromaboy: The World’s Cutest Coffee Maker

Introducing the Melitta Aromaboy – quite possibly the world’s cutest coffee maker. In this review, we put the tiny coffee maker to the test.

Newton Brua on table with bokeh background

Lukewarm: My Newton Brua Review

Newton Brua 2P is a new manual espresso gadget from New Zealand. But besides the pretty design, does it have what it takes?

Aillio bullet side view

The Silver Bullet of Home Roasting: Review of the Aillio Bullet

The Aillio Bullet might be black, but it is the silver Bullet of home roasting. Here’s my experience from the honeymoon phase.

barista using acaia scale

Should You Get an Acaia Scale? A Coffee Shop Owner’s Perspective

Acaia has become the gold standard of coffee scales. We asked a coffee shop owner, whether they are worth the hefty investment.

Df83 with DF64 in the background

The DF83 Grinder: First Look Review

The DF64 now has a big brother with 83 mm burrs. And it’s just way, way better.

Leverpresso Pro with Cafelat Robot in the background

My Review of Leverpresso Pro

Can Leverpresso Pro stand out in a crowded ocean of travel-friendly espresso makers?

femobook grinder dark background

Femobook A68 Review: Magnetic Appeal

The new Femobook grinder has magnets everywhere. And it also has a certain magnetism when it comes to its unique design and capabilities.

drip assist featured image

Review: Hario Drip Assist is Winning Me Over

The new dispersion screen from Hario is very similar to one of my favorite gadgets, but might be better.

eureka filtro featued image

Eureka Filtro Grinder Review: Consistent but Confusing

The Eureka Filtro Grinder is an extremely consistent grinder. However, it has some frustrating issues.

Timemore c3 marble background

Timemore C3 Review: Upgrade or Sidegrade? 

The C2 from Timemore was such an iconic grinder. Can the new version live up to the expectations?

Rancilio Silvia Review: Coffee Cliché or Classy Classic? 

The Rancilio Silvia is a classic among espresso machines. But is it still worth buying in this era?

lavazza three blends

Review: Is Lavazza Coffee Even Worth Trying?

Lavazza is one of the most famous Italian coffee brands. But is it also worth trying if you’re a true coffee snob?

Flair 58 puck screen up close

Flair 58 Review: The King of Manual Espresso?

Flair is back with a highly anticipated new model in their line-up of manual espresso makers.

timemore black mirror nano held in hand

Timemore Black Mirror Nano: a Tiny Victory

Finally the new espresso scale from Timemore is here. Can it live up to its famous sibling?

timemore black mirror close up

Timemore Black Mirror Review: Is this the Acaia Killer?

This black beauty straddles the divide in the world of coffee scales. But it has one glaring omission. Here’s my review of the Black Mirror scale from Timemore.

breville dual boiler featued

Breville Dual Boiler Review: Better than Decent?

Is the Dual Boiler still going strong a decade after its birth? In this review we’ll take an in-depth look at the top device from Breville.

tricolate featured image

Tricolate Review: High Extractions or Just Hype?

The Tricolate brewer promises delicious filter coffee at extractions up to 1:22. But is that even possible?

different models kalita wave

The Big Kalita Wave Review: Which One Should You Get?

The Kalita Wave is a popular pour over dripper. However, it turns out that there is a huge difference between the models in the line-up.

Death wish coffee two bags medium and dark roast

Taste Bud Suicide: A Review of Death Wish Coffee

The branding is all about death and destruction. It looks like their head roaster follows the same nihilistic philosophy.

Cafelat Robot Review: The Ultimate Manual Espresso Maker?

This machine does produce great shots, but it requires a significant level of user-involvement to reach the pinnacle of espresso-making.

hario vs kalita featured image

Hario V60 vs Kalita Wave: Which One Should You Get?

Wave or V60? This is probably the biggest question among burgeoning home baristas. Here’s the definitive answer.

eureka mignon specialita

Eureka Mignon Specialita Review: Mini Grinder with Big Potential

This grinder has become super popular. But is it really the best espresso grinder for home use? In this review we’ll answer that question.

1zpresso j max featured image

Maxed Out: 1Zpresso J-Max Review

The new 1Zpresso grinder is the follow-up to the succesful Jx-series. Can it really live up to them?

Review: Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club has become a popular subscription option. Our independent bean tester tried it out. Here’s the verdict.

breville sage precision brewer top image

Review: Breville Precision Brewer

Breville’s coffee maker is extremely sophisticated, but has some major flaws when it comes to the basics.