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The Best Black Friday Coffee Deals

Here are the best Black Friday deals of 2022. No fillers, only the good stuff. Check them out, before they’re gone.

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Asser Christensen

Licensed Q Arabica Grader, M.A. Journalism

It’s that time of year – time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

This period could be exciting if you got your eyes on a specific espresso maker or burr grinder.

However, you got to be careful. Avoid getting swept away just because the calendar shows a particular day.

Sure, there are some okay-ish offers, but many are nothing special.
10 % here and there shouldn’t make you abandon all logic just because it’s the biggest shopping holiday in the solar system.

For that reason, my list of the best black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is short and sweet.

I’ll update this list with new deals as they appear, so make sure to check back in.

the Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday coffee deals:

Q2 Heptagonal Version

1Zpresso 20% off Coffee Grinder Black Friday Deal

Be fast!

1Zpresso offers a 20% coupon on all grinders (except the new Ultra model) this week.

The Taiwanese brand has taken the coffee world by storm. Their grinders are unique and innovative, and the price is just right.

However, during the shopping week, they will be even cheaper!

That means you can get one of the recently updated Q2 travel grinders for a silly low price.

This coupon is only valid for one purchase, though. So choose wisely.

➡️  Check out the deal here

Baratza Encore Conical Burr...

Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder Black Friday Offer

The Baratza Encore is one of the most popular coffee grinders. And it is so for a good reason: It’s just solid. If you’re looking for a coffee grinder that can elevate your morning cuppa Joe, then this one will serve you well.

The Encore is down 20% during all of the holiday season.

This is the cheapest we have seen for years. In a time of inflation and uncertainties, that’s a pretty good deal.

➡️  More details here

brew bundle mahlkonig x54

FREE Espresso or Brew Package included with Purchase of Mahlkonig x54

This is a pretty interesting deal, if you’re already considering getting the German coffee grinder.

You can choose either a Brew or Espresso Bundle when you buy a Mahlkonig X54 from Prima Coffee.

The brew package includes the Peak Water filter (check my review) and an Origami dripper, plus paper filters.

The espresso package includes the essential tools from the Aussie cult-favorite Barista Hustle.

Use the code: X54BREW or X54ESPRESSO to select your package.

To Redeem: Add the Origami Brew Bundle or Barista Hustle Espresso Bundle as well as the Mahlkonig X54 to your cart and apply the corresponding coupon code.

➡️ Get deal here

Technivorm 59691 KB Coffee...

Technivorm Moccamaster Black Friday Deals

The Moccamaster is another classic coffee maker that many people want to buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Unfortunately, the Moccamaster is rarely on sale due to its iconic status and timeless design. It’s a bit like Apple products in that sense.

However, we believe that this will change during the 2022 season. Technivorm has just introduced a new range of Moccamasters called “Select”, which is set to be the new de facto standard, so if you don’t mind the classic version, now there should be a good chance to get it at a discount this year.

We’ll keep our eyes out for the best offer and list them here as they appear.

Buy Espresso Machine, get 10% off grinder @ Chris’ Coffee

If you have been planning to invest in both an espresso machine and grinder, then check out the Cyber Monday section of Chris’ Coffee.

You get 10% eligible grinders, if you also buy an espresso machine. Only on Cyber Monday, though.

There are also some substantial discounts on their “open box” machines.

Chris Coffee Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers

driftaway cold brew bags

Coffee Bean Black Friday Discount

This is a pretty solid deal.

Freshly roasted, specialty coffee is almost never available at a discount. But here you can get 20% off gift subscriptions.

These guys roast good coffee, and it’s not just my opinion. A few of my Q Grader friends recently tried the coffee at a competition, and they were very impressed.

Get 20% off all Annual Gift Subscriptions with code BF20 and 10% off all other Gift Subscriptions with code BF10

Get the offer here

Bodum 11883-259US Melior...

Bodum Kettle / Holiday Price

If you’re considering getting an electric gooseneck kettle for that perfectly well-extracted pour over coffee, then check out this deal.

Bodum is a Danish brand with a long history of making well-designed coffee equipment.

This is a good deal, considering that a precision kettle is one of the “essential tools” for home baristas.

PS: If you’re looking to find the best gifts for the coffee lover in your life, then check out this article.