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Melitta Aromaboy: The World’s Cutest Coffee Maker

Introducing the Melitta Aromaboy – quite possibly the world’s cutest coffee maker. In this review, we put the tiny coffee maker to the test.

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In a world where coffee makers are typically bulky, complicated, and devoid of personality, the Melitta Aromaboy is a breath of fresh air. 

This tiny coffee maker has been generating a buzz in the underground coffee community for its compact size and adorable design. It’s small enough to fit in a man purse (or a regular purse, for that matter) and cute enough to make you want to pinch its little cheeks.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the Aromaboy and determine if it truly is the world’s cutest coffee maker or if our obsession with cuteness has gone too far.

So please sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the coffee maker that’s cute enough to make you forget about the fact that it only brews one cup at a time.

Melitta Aromaboy
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Melitta Aromaboy
One of the smallest coffee makers around. Definitely the cutest.

Design and Features

The spec list of the Aromaboy is refreshingly short. This simplicity is a relief for a coffee gear reviewer—no fancy new technology to be deciphered this time. 

There’s a simple, no-frills design with an on/off button that is backlit but doesn’t do anything besides turn the device on. 

There’s a hot plate that will keep your coffee warm for about 20 minutes before shutting off automatically.

The device is available in three colors: plain black, white, and a two-toned retro beige. 

The beige color option is the one that gives the machine its cute and retro appearance – and if you ask me – it’s the only right choice when it comes to colors.

The machine’s basket takes “one cup” filters, also known as “Melitta 100s” in some regions. 

These filters are not commonly found in local supermarkets, so you may need to order them online or find a specialty coffee shop that carries them. Luckily, my favorite filter manufacturer Cafec makes some in the correct size. 

Aromaboy cafec filters
The Aromaboy uses a small and rare type of filter.

The machine also features a short cord that folds up underneath the bottom, making it easy to store. 

The carafe is tiny and adorable. And yes, you can order a replacement from Melitta if you accidentally break it.

The Aromaboy is designed to brew small batches of coffee, with a capacity of either one big cup or two small ones. The machine can hold up to 330 ml of water, yielding around 290 ml of brewed coffee. 


One of the critical factors in making good coffee is the temperature at which it is brewed. Unfortunately, the Melitta Aromaboy takes longer to heat up and brews at a lower temperature than the ideal range, which can affect the quality of the coffee. 

This is not a massive problem for medium and dark roasts; it could be an advantage. However, when it comes to most modern specialty roasts that are typically lighter, you’d want 90-95 degrees celsius. 

In a temperature test using two thermocouples plugged into a laptop via a Phidget interface, I found that the Moccamaster brewed at 90 degrees Celsius or more for most of the brewing cycle. At the same time, the Aromaboy hovered around 85-88 degrees celsius for much of the brew before finally reaching a temperature above 90 degrees celsius.

In a subsequent blind taste test, I found that the coffee made by the Moccamaster was more full-bodied and well-extracted, while the coffee made by the Aromaboy was a bit more astringent. The lower brewing temperature of the Aromaboy may have contributed to this difference in taste.

Melitta aromaboy upside down view
The Melitta is similar to old school coffee makers from your childhood – just a lot smaller.

Price and Value

The Melitta Aromaboy is generally a very affordable one-cup coffee maker in Northern Europe, where I bought my unit. 

However, upon researching this article, I was surprised to see how high the price is in the US

I would say it’s easy to recommend at the EU price. If not for the coffee, then just for the cuteness.

Generally, the Aromaboy is a solid option for those who want a one-cup coffee maker, but there may be better choices for those looking to extract lighter roasts properly. 

The Technivorm Moccamaster is available in a one-cup version, which generally receives favorable reviews. I assume it brews at consistently high temperatures like the other models in their lineup.


Overall, the Melitta Aromaboy is a cute and functional coffee maker that is perfect for those who want a small and stylish option. 

While it may not make the best coffee compared to high-end versions such as the Moccamaster and Breville Precision Brewer, it’s excellent value for the price and adds a fun element to your morning routine. 

If you’re a coffee lover and want to add a unique coffee maker to your collection, the Melitta Aromaboy should be on your list. 

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