Grind Size chart and database

The below grounds are pictured next to the Kruve Brewler and a regular pencil. The numbers on the images refer to microns (ug). 

If you’re really determined to be precise with your grind size, I’d encourage you to get a Brewler for yourself. It’s a cheap and elegant product. 

French press grind size

  • Many people grind too coarse for French press. 
  • I find that this grind size is ideal when used with a sensible immersion brew ratio such as 1:15 or 1:14.
  • This grind size also works well for cold brew

Pour Over grind size

  • If using a multiple pour technique, it’s a good idea to grind slightly coarser than you’d think. 
  • If you’re using only one or two pours and a shorter brew time, you might have to go finer. 


Aeropress grind size

  • I use this medium-fine grind for the AeroPress. 
  • It works well typical brew ratios with and brewing times between 1-3 minutes. 

Moka pot grind size

  • Moka pot should be somewhere between AeroPress and Espresso.  
  • It’s a fast brewing method with a strong ratio, so it’s about finding the right balance. 

Espresso grind size

  • Espresso grind size should always be dialed in at home, so you get the proper brew time for your shot. 
  • Use a coarser grind size if you use a pressurized basket/portafilter

How to grind coffee: Dialing in

Even though it’s handy to have some numbers that can give you a rough idea about grind size on a given grinder, it will never be definitive.

There are so many factors in play when it comes to grinding size. Grind size is just one variable in the equation that is extraction — that means that other factors will also come into play:

Example: James Hoffmann’s V60 method’s grind size is a lot finer compared to Tetsu Kasuya’s 4:6 approach.

Grind size distribution & Fines

Other factors also come into play. Some grinders produce only a small percentage of fines in their total distribution, and as a result, you can grind finer without facing the same issues you would meet with a cheaper entry-level grinder.

A third thing to keep in mind is that certain coffee beans tend to grind differently. Some beans produce many fines (especially light roasted Ethiopians), which means you might have to grind a few steps coarser than you usually would.

If you brew espresso, you’ll also have to change grind size depending on the coffee’s age and how full of beans the hopper is.

So, in other words: Grind size is hugely complex. But don’t worry; with experience, you’ll get a feel for it and pay less attention to more simple metrics like clicks.

Grind size database (crowdsourced)

  • This grinder database is crowdsourced – it’s based on feedback from the readers of the site.
  • Please, submit your grinder here by following the link and help fellow coffee lovers. It should take less than 5 minutes to fill out the form.
  • Measurement refers to the various grinder measurements that are used. Some grinders use ‘clicks,’ other uses an adjustment dial, while some manual grinders are best described with ‘rotations from zero’.
  • Year‘ is added, because models sometimes undergo change. (For instance, the 2019 & 2020 version of the 1Zpresso Jx have a different adjustment dial).
  • Please note: All these grind sizes are approximations — you will have to dial in the correct grind size by yourself. 

1zpresso Jx Grind Setting (1st gen)

Measurement: Clicks

* This version has 24 clicks per rotation. 

French Press48
Pour Over44
Moka Pot34

1zpresso Jx (2nd gen)

Measurement: Clicks

* This version has 30 clicks per rotation. 

French Press75-90
Pour Over60-75
Moka Pot42-48

1zpresso Jx Pro Grind Setting (1st gen)

Measurement: Rotations from zero

* This version has a red dot on the adjustment wheel 

French Press4-3
Pour Over3-2.5
Moka Pot2

1zpresso Jx Pro (2nd gen)

Measurement: Rotations from zero

* This version has a grey dot on the adjustment wheel 

French Press4.5
Pour Over3.5
Moka Pot2.5

1zpresso K-plus Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Adjustment Dial

* Uncoated burr version

French Press8.5
Pour Over7.5-8.5
Moka Pot5

1zpresso q2 Grind Setting (HEPTAGONAL)

Measurement: Clicks

French Press48
Pour Over44
Moka Pot0

Baratza Encore Grind Setting (2019)

Measurement: Numbered steps

French Press14-12
Pour Over11-9
Moka Pot8-6

Baratza Encore (2020)

Measurement: Numbered steps

French Press18-22
Pour Over14-15
Moka Pot10-12

Breville Smart Grinder Pro 2016

Measurement: Adjustment dial with numbers

French Press50
Pour Over0
Moka Pot20

Commandante MK3 C40 (2020)

Measurement: Clicks from zero

French Press30-34
Pour Over20-32
Moka Pot12-15

Fellow Ode Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Adjustment dial with numbers

French Press4-7
Pour Over1-3
Moka Potn/a

Flair Royal Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Numbers

French Press0
Pour Over19-23
Moka Pot10-14

Kinu Phoenix Grind Setting(2019)

Measurement: Rotations from zero and dial numbers

French Press3.2
Pour Over3
Moka Pot0

Kinu M47 Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Rotations followed by numbers

French Press3-5
Pour Over2-5
Moka Pot1-8

Knock Aergrind Grind Setting (2019)

Measurement: Rotations from zero

French Press2.4
Pour Over2.4
Moka Pot-1.5

MadeByKnock Feld47 Grind Setting (2019)

Measurement: Rotations from zero

French Press2-7
Pour Over0
Moka Pot2

Niche Zero Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Dial with numbers

French Press55
Pour Over40-50
Moka Pot18-24

Rancilio Rocky Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Hopper rotation

French Press40
Pour Over0
Moka Pot0

Timemore C2 Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Clicks

French Press20-25
Pour Over15-20
Moka Pot6-18

Timemore slim plus Grind Setting (2020)

Measurement: Clicks

French Press24
Pour Over20
Moka Pot12

Wilfa Uniform Grind Setting (2019)

Measurement: Clicks

* This is the standard black version. Not modded.

French Press28-32
Pour Over20-32
Moka Pot10-15