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Aeropress Go: What We Know About the New Model

The wait is soon over; the Aeropress will get a younger sibling soon. Here’s a quick look at some of the interesting new features.
Asser Christensen
Asser Christensen
Licensed Q Arabica Grader, M.A. Journalism

It’s official! For the first time, ever Aerobie will launch a new version of the almost mythical Aeropress.

In the past we have seen, small cosmetic updates to the Aeropress design but now we’ll get an entirely new kind of Aeropress to play around with.

There had been rumors for a while, but the new version, the ‘Aeropress Go’ was finally revealed at the company’s booth at the SCA Coffee Expo in Boston in April.

The Aeropress Go is meant for the many travelers who have embraced the coffee brewer. While the original Aeropress has always been quite handy on the road, the new version aims to make it even more portable.

Aeropress Go Design

The most apparent change in the design is that the device is about one inch shorter and that there are no numbers or logo on the sides. The octagon-shaped bottom is entirely round on the new version.

However, the brewing and filtering work precisely the same way as the original.

The Go model also comes with a travel mug, which doubles as a container for the coffee brewer.

If you have ever traveled with your Aeropress (or you’re a member of the #milehighaeropressclub) you know that getting hold of a cup can sometimes be cumbersome, so the combined cup and container is a smart addition.

As we’d expect from Alan Adler, there are also some other brilliant design nuggets:

  • For instance, there’s a small package for the coffee filters, which is shaped to fit the contours of the cylinder.
  • There’s also a foldable swizzle stick.
  • A newly designed bean scoop is also included.
  • Everything is contained with the travel cup. A silicone lid makes sure everything stays in its place.

Aeropress Go Release Date

The Aeropress Go is expected to be in the stores in August, and it will retail for around the same price as the original model.

 (Update: The new official release date is late October. You can already preorder your model directly from the company here). 

Being both a frequent coffee traveler and an avid Aeropress aficionado, I expect to get my hands on a review unit asap.
Judging from the reactions on social media, I’m far from the only one, who’s excited about the new release.

Some netizens, however, do express disappointment that they are not getting an Aeropress with more volume but rather a smaller one.

In the newly released movie about the Aeropress, the inventor Alan Adler admitted that even though he’d tried, he was never able to engineer a satisfying XL version of the brewer.

Featured Image: Bex Walton  Flickr CC (Source)
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